Premier Business Consulting Services

Leveraging nearly 40 years of experience in Government services, from Executive Support and Leadership methods, to Business Operations and Market Development/Growth.  Delivering services and advisory support to meet your toughest challenges.

Business Development

  • Provide Market Outreach to Government customers
  • Liaison to Government customers and Industry Partners
  • Lead Identification and Generation

Opportunity Research

  • Conduct opportunity research and analysis
  • Perform competitive intelligence and assessment
  • Advise on sound investment of corporate resources

Capture Management

  • Lead corporate engagement with Government Points of Contact and Industry Partners
  • Develop White Papers and Responses to Sources Sought and Requests For Information
  • Support development of Win Themes and Proposal Solutions
  • Comprise winning Teaming Strategies

Proposal Support

  • Graphics and Writing insights for Technical and Pricing solutions
  • Collaboration through corporate proposal review process

Executive Management

  • Render insights on Marketing analysis and approach for new and existing customers
  • Support corporate Business Operations (HR, Contracts, Policy, Pricing)
  • Collaborate with Executive Team to develop growth strategies and solutions
  • Provide counsel on investment of resources to facilitate corporate growth strategies
  • Aid in development of Marketing Materials and Social Media outreach programs
  • Advise on Long-Range Planning and solutions development
  • Founded October 2022
  • Gov UEI #: ZT22FXUVUCA3
  • EIN: 88-4233839

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